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The Foodie Network is an interactive forum for people who know that it's not just the ingredients that make a great dish; it's the love that comes from the person preparing it!

Our Foodie Network was born out of our passion for food, from reading, testing or developing recipes, cooking at home for loved ones, or enjoying a seven course wine dinner. Our mission is to connect foodies near and far through the sharing of food experiences like family or holiday traditions, comfort food ideas, afternoon meriendas, elegant sea-side dinners, or religious celebrations; we want to hear from all of you around the globe.

Who does the cooking in your kitchen? Where are the ingredients purchased? Are you a long-standing chef, a beginner, or are you the sampler, and not the cook? Our network is here to offer plenty for every enthusiast. Here you'll find photographs, editorials, articles of interest, recipes, cooking videos and stories that will transport you to a clam bake in New England or to a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration in Mexico.

Whether or not travel is an option for you, the opportunity we're offering through our global foodie network is immense. The Foodie Network offers food connoisseurs a ticket to scan the globe and enter the world of food as seen through the eyes of our foodie followers.



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